About Cara

We are a group of people who have been affected in some way by cancer and now we wish to offer the people of our local community the chance to avail of support here on their doorstep.

The benefits of a cancer support centre to patients and family members is only appreciated when you are faced with dealing with the shock of a diagnosis, possibly facing surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy all in a very short space of time.

One member of the group described it as a whirlwind where you are swept off you feet. Many of you may be able identify with this and realise how important your support network is at that point. Family members and carers also experience a difficult time where visits to professors, consultants and members of the medical field in general can be overwhelming.

It is good to be able to relate to other survivors and speak in layman’s terms about what you are going through. You may also pick up tips and ways to ease the stress that a cancer diagnosis brings to the patient, family and friends.

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